Stalled on Game of Thrones and Vikings; began watching Narcos - the Netflix original tells the story of Pablo Escobar, the most notorious drug lord and trafficker of all time, who supplied about 80% of cocaine to the US and made $60M a DAY at the height of his empire. Sounds interesting...

First Impressions

It’s scary, and that’s coming from an experienced and seasoned watcher of many films, accustomed to the violence portrayed on TV. If I had a list of the most scary and realistic American TV Shows, Narcos would definitely take the first place. Game of Thrones has its moments, Vikings, too, but all along you are soothed by a subtle feeling of contentedness and security, knowing that you are watching fiction that was regurgitated by GRRM on to his DOS computer (and the Vikings happened so long ago, that you take all of it for granted).

What they portrayed in Narcos happened relatively recently, and it’s an ongoing problem, and that’s what makes it simultaneously so special and frightening. This show will never lose relevance. And at times, it’s just plain sick. My God, the sicarios are so ruthless 😓

Will catch up and watch the second season, later on...

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