I have been doing some sightseeing around Moscow. I do it every year, but this time I’ve done it mostly alone; all my friends have went globetrotting and inconveniently so, as I have just arrived in Russia. It’s a very different experience when you walk about a huge city with only your mind to keep you company. Being alone is a pleasure you seldom get to enjoy, but after a week you get lonely and develop an envy that you desperately try to deny, to the cute laughing couples on every corner of every street of every region of the city. Me being 17 added an emphasis to the last part.

I love the metro, it’s so convenient. Over 6 million people travel by it on a daily basis in Moscow, the busiest metro in the world. I arrived to the Tretyakov Gallery in about half an hour, which is practically the center of the city. Visiting the gallery became a tradition to me, visiting it sixth time in a row. But this time, I spent about five hours walking around the gallery and studying the paintings and doodling things down while standing up. It was a difficult task, to be honest. However, the results weren’t too bad, better than I expected. With the dense masses walking around and peeking into my notebook, I managed quite well.

The week in Moscow was a busy week. I visited the Ostankino Tower, the Pushkin Museum, as well as some parks. Surprisingly, Moscow is a very green city. I couldn’t believe this at first, but after visiting the Ostankino Tower - the tallest tower in Europe - I could see the whole city beneath me; filled with massive green patches of forests, Moscow looked surprisingly green.

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