Moscow Never Sleeps

I went out on my first date, and with a Russian girl, who is very beautiful and a tad too quiet. And I thought that I was an introvert...

Walking about the Moscow centre in the evening, when it is not blazing hot, but cool and full of lights and great decorations. What I love about Moscow is for its many contrasts and for providing entertainment to its denizens 24/7; at midnight, neon lights are shining, shops and cafés are open, and there were two bands playing different music at either ends of the street - nice and loud! I loved it!

I first went and bought Vika a toy, as we entered one of the most prominent shopping centres in Moscow. The toy was big and very fluffy. I hope she liked it. And then we went to the cinema and afterwards ate out.

It’s not a great photo, but still -

She is a very kind, timid girl. I told her how beautiful she is, and that she should cherish this fact. Vika beamed. How I like it when she smiles! We talked about films and books and her hobbies. She, unlike many, reads a great deal. I like that. However, she also told me that it was one of the first times that she visited the Moscow centre, even though she lives there all her life. So, I had to figure out the routes, and all.

I hope that she becomes more talkative. She’s great! It’s a first time for me, too. I guess, we’re similar in quite a number of respects, including the fact that we’re introverts and like the same music and watch many, many films. Also, I’m just about taller than her (however, she thinks that she’s bigger).

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