Being Montag

Sometimes I feel like Montag from Fahrenheit 451. Utter nonsense everywhere I look! Opening Facebook is enough to understand that. I’m a hypocrite in saying so, as I can get stuck for hours on end, scrolling through my so-called ‘news-feed’. Fake news, subtle news with subtle messages, news that dull your thinking. Mashable movie reviews, Unilad fail videos, memes, and just random facts about random things that will never be useful...

Yeah, I have to confess, I read too much Sci-Fi and all that existential stuff. Dostoyevsky takes the prize for bringing the most life-questioning and heart-throbbing literature to the world. But what do I know about literature? Movies spurred my interest in books. I began to be interested in books after watching a lot of movies; I watched nearly the whole IMDB’s Top 250 by the time I was 13. Yup, that includes films, such as Schindler’s List (which I re-watched a few nights ago), A Clockwork Orange, Bergman’s classics, Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and so on. Quick fact - Dostoyevsky died less than four months after publishing the Brothers Karamazov, which I am currently reading.

The media is biased - I’m just stating a fact, here - all of the media is biased; the West (BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, etc) post claims about how Russia blew up a hospital, while Russia is rejecting such war crime claims. Notice, it is just a claim and most of these articles begin with the words “allegedly" and “suggests". I don’t know who or what to believe, anymore. So many people are brainwashed! RT posts articles that claim the opposite, and how the EU is going to collapse, and all about the Ukrainian and Syrian crises and how biased the Western media is (which, ironically, makes RT biased). I’ll just stick to thinking that all will be well, in the end. I’m an optimist and a patriot.

It just occurred to me - Montag is Monday in German. I wonder why Bradbury named him so. Hmm.


In other news, I’m now being paid for translating small texts from Russian to English; might have said this before, but my uncle is a PR agent, and he is very keen on presenting his company in the best light possible in front of his Western partners and competitors. Thus, he takes advantage of my humble fees.
Turns out it’s not that easy. All that marketing and IT terminology, all those phrases that can be easily mistranslated. Come to think of mistranslation, there was an incident with Khrushchev a long time ago: someone said to him at a meeting - “You’re barking up the wrong tree", and of course, the Russians mistranslated this Western idiom. You might guess what happened next! Khrushchev blushed, and the TV was blank for a few minutes.

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