As you may know, I’m a skilled doodler. I doodle and draw all the time and everywhere. After some thinking and musing about, I decided to try and get something out of my talent. You know, just for fun. I therefore signed up for the new Microlancer buy-and-sell platform, where buyers hire and freelancers sell their services. I created a service titled “High quality doodles", showing off some of my work. It was then to be moderated by a member of staff.

15 days have passed. My patience ran out. [Microlancer] stated that it would take them 3-5 working days to process my request. Oh, by the way, the website is still in its beta stage, so I wasn’t greatly disheartened by the fact that I was forgot about. With great courage, I navigated around the site to the help area, and pressed the “Contact" button. I wrote an annoyed letter, asking why didn’t they approve/disapprove my request. And guess what, the next day, when I checked my mail, there was a letter - “Request approved!"...

I thought that I wouldn’t have a chance against all the millions of registered users who began selling similar services. Well, I guess I was wrong, because the second day after being accepted, I got a job offer from America. To be more precise, it was a lady who needed a nice watercolour avatar of herself for her web design studio.

I have 3 days to complete the job, and 2 revisions to send out...

P.S. See my service in action at Microlancer

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