There used to be a British Xylonite factory in Manningtree. It was liquidated at the end of the XX century. All that’s left of it is a vast ground of abandoned buildings that decorate the river bank. I made it a habit of mine to visit that place every year, take some photos and urbex about. This time, however, I decided to have a go at making art on one of the walls of the desolate buildings. And I loved it! Having the freedom to draw as big as you want is incredible. It was a doodle, just before I left the site with my friends.
I’ve ordered some fat 8mm posca pens, next time will be prepared to create some serious art.

A few photos for you to enjoy. Credit goes to my friend Matei, who is learning the intricate art of photography.

What am I doing?!

Doing handstands on top of the roof

Serious me

Nice gif

$root - whoami
adventurous artist
The Twelve Chairs

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