London Trip 2017

The National Gallery never disappoints. They had this Michelangelo ft. Sebastiano exhibition, which I attended. Then it was Van Gogh, Rembrandt and other artists. Spent about 2 hours admiring their work, after which I made my way about London.

Bought a sandwich and a cappuccino at Pret-a-manger. The coffee was disgusting. It always seems too hot and foul-tasting, outside of my home. I just like a lot of sugar, milk, and condensed milk in mine. A formula for getting diabetes, but it’s so damn good!

Roaming through the centre of London, noticing things. It’s the capital, it’s big and multicultural. It should be so, however, I seldom heard English being spoken among the denizens. Unsettling! There was a huge amount of French school kids that day. There were a few homeless guys right next to the Canadian Parliament, looking quite accustomed to their lifestyle, their sleeping bags carefully spread across the pavement. The tree was their umbrella, and the pair were finishing their bag of crisps. Solemn looks. A few moments later, I found myself trotting through the Soho area. First time there, the place looked like something out of a Guy Ritchie movie. Dirty-white brick walls decorated the surrounding pubs and barbershops. I thought I was going to stumble across Turkish and Tommy crossing a corner... or Vinnie Jones.

A stroke of serendipity, I walked right into the moment of changing of the guards. Caught on camera. Nearby, a policeman was informing the tourists of the accident that had occurred on the grounds, last week: a tourist had his leg broken, by standing too close to the guards’ horses. Ended up in a hospital. Promptly, everyone moved a few feet back.

Some photos from the trip, published on my Facebook.

Travelled more than 5 hours, in total. Too tiring.

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