Komputer Kalamity

There once lived a man who went by the name of John Doe and for no reason at all, decided to destroy, brake, get rid of his computer. And oh, how horrible and painstakingly tedious it was for him to finish that sentence on his 5.2 inch phone. You see, he broke his computer by accident; there was a major power cut and, evidently, he couldn’t blog; he knew no life without a computer.

It was hard. It is hard. I’m that John Doe, and am slowly beginning to realize that there’s life without a computer. I’ve gone to places, I went so far as to decide to come out of my tiny room and converse with other members of my big and mighty family. I even had a major row with my mother. I see that I’m not alone. But I don’t like it. I’m currently blogging in a state of deep computer withdrawal. I’m in depression and am feeling regret and trying to comprehend my own stupidity.

Nobody wanted to help me with the state of my computer; everybody felt good that it was broken. At first, I thought it was the PSU, but then realized that it was more serious, something to do with the motherboard. Anyway, that’s not the point. Nobody wanted it to be fixed. You can never rely on anyone, trust no one. So I grabbed the 10 kilos of heavy metal and walked for 30 minutes to the computer repair shop (my hands still in high pain from carrying). I previously glanced at their website - it’s complete shit; powered by WordPress, using a generic theme, it looks very tasteless. But the guy who greeted me at the desk was friendly; he liked my nick.camera domain email address, kept asking if he should put a “.com" at the end of “.camera". I hope they have more skill in fixing computers than in building websites.

They still haven’t called me with the quote. I’m beginning to worry.
I’m thinking, how about I help them out with their web presence? That’s an idea.

$root - whoami
computer corpse

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