It’s June

It’s my last half-term. Haven’t had time to process this thought, yet. Strange feeling. Huh. A big boy, going to uni, and all...

Finished. Complete. I say that again - my Final Major Project is at its final stage. I have finished all there is to finish. That includes writing up the dreaded Evaluation essay (load of waffle), and most important of all, the artwork. It’s all there, neatly glued in and tucked away in my big sketchbooks! The tiny sketchbooks, reserved for my writing.

All that’s left is to hand in all my work on time. And to prepare for the gallery - set up my art at college for the final show.

Other than that, I spend my current days doing nothing but art. Living the lackadaisical lifestyle. Gosh, I love that word. LACKADAISICAL!

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London Trip 2017

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Groundhog Day

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