Into the Year

It’s my granny’s birthday, today. I made a drawing of her. She doesn’t like any of the photos that I took of her over the years, so I went with a more conceptual approach. That is, I didn’t draw her face at all. It was an experiment, I didn’t even plan on giving her this present, but my mother approved. Too bad I can’t transcend this illustration through physical boundaries. I would’ve liked her to have it. Oh well, a photo must suffice. In the end, it’s the gesture that counts.

I began going to the gym. I’m inspired by my brother. I reflect on the progress he’s made through this year and begin thinking that I can achieve similar results. Gym life is challenging to get into, however going about this day by day makes it much easier to compete with. I’m amazed at my progress, today is the fourth time I went for a one-hour workout this week. With every day, it becomes less of a chore and more of an enjoyment.

I still have a way to go, physically, but I realised that these workouts also have an effect on my mental health, too. It’s not just physical gratification, gym provides hope and satisfaction, it trains determination, and relieves you of daily stress and bad thoughts.

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