Internships and The Future

Applying to everyhuehuehuere. After spending hours creating and proofreading my resume and cover letter, I have made it the objective of my last week before school to search through the job databases around the internet. I just made a revelation to myself - finding the right job/internship/work experience is a job in itself, too; it’s so tedious. You cannot believe how many options there are.
I find it funny that 80% of the job postings have at least one spelling mistake, and about 50% of that 80% have more than one =_=

Looking for a Job

Why should the employers care? After all, they are the ones looking for people to impress them, not vice-versa. I can imagine a lazy HR guy sitting in the evening by a cup of coffee, typing the job vacancy up quickly while conversing with a lady colleague, resting his hand on the keyboard, going “Oops, clumsy me! Meh, looks good enough, I better post it asap, otherwise my manager will force me to rewrite it tomorrow. Come on, Janet, I’ll walk you to your car..."
At least my resume is orthographically correct. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

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