My uncle is a PR agent. He works for a humble, yet moderately famous, mobile app agency. He helps promote their mobile apps, whose biggest target audience are car drivers - in other words - everyone.
A few days back, he asked me for some help - to create an infographic from a research, conducted by their company. He said that their “crap designer" miserably failed in creating a decent piece of infographic, and instead has created a piece of sheeat. He had a week and £40 worth of pay in advance. And he doesn’t want to give it back, since he failed. Here, look at his “professional" shit -

shit infographic

Can you see how utterly disgusting, tasteless, displeasing and pathetic his infographic came out?

Now, my job was to create something better. And in one day, as my uncle’s conference was to be held on the next day after he notified me. Cheer up, me! This is valuable experience (indeed it was). Plus, I’ll get paid £60 after I complete it. But there’s one little, disheartening problem left unsolved - never in my life, have I even touched upon the intricate topic of creating pleasing, eye-catching infographics.

Alex wasn’t so dispirited as I was, he believed he could make me do it. He motivated me to go on and do it. As I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, and because the computer on which I was doing the work was not mine and therefore could not run Photoshop properly, I decided to start off the easy way, by signing up (and paying $30) for an online infographics-maker. I’m not going to say what website I used to create my infographic, but it’s one of the most popular ones on Google.
Using a ready-made, minimalistic template, I started off by carefully inserting all the information. That took me a day.

When my uncle arrived from work (that was about 10 PM), he thought it would be a good idea to add some drawings, doodles, illustrating the range of info, making it more fun and pleasing to the eye. I didn’t argue, I liked the task. Plus I always reminded myself that I’ll get paid in the end...

I finished the infographic. Added the brand’s various logos. Cropped, edited on Photoshop. Here it is -

good infographic

I’ll get my £60 soon, which I’ll eagerly waste on a parachute dive with my uncle...

P.S. That piece of infographic has been featured on Russia’s most popular auto-magazine site, seen by millions of users, shared on the web in social media sites. Happy me. Not bad for my first piece of infographic =)

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