Her and DDoS attacks

Last night I was installing the infamous Kali distro (formerly known as Backtrack) onto my USB stick. Geeks and IT specialists love it, it’s a swiss-army knife for the hackers and pen-testers. You can literally hack into the Pentagon with it. But, alas, with comprehension comes great sophistication. It’s like learning a new computer language. That’s the catch, however the developers offer special online courses which cost about $500 each.
Anyway, I was using this Live OS to take down this website. And you know how? Yes, that’s right - a DDoS attack! Using Slowloris, a script which sends thousands of incomplete requests to a given website, thus overloading it and making it unavailable. And this website is on nginx (which is supposed to handle traffic very well). At least I know that I know how to carry out a DDoS attack. Might come in handy in the future. You never know ;)

By the way, I watched Her today. A very interesting, surrealistic film about an introvert named Theodore Twombly and how he falls in love with an operating system. I guess a lot of people can relate to this, now we have Internet and Match.com.

$root - whoami

// Go back in time

House of Cards

// To the future

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