Happy New Year...

So it begins, a start to a new, unpredictable and hopefully a better year, with the face of the indisputable Putin giving his 5-minute traditional speech of luck for the next year to come, right behind our backs on the monitor, while we hold up our glasses and wish for the best. I hope it’s going to turn out ok. The first day at school is an exam day. So convenient. And I’ve lost my exam timetable paper.

At least, I’ve completed an app design for my uncle. You see, he won this app idea contest, for which he received a Playstation 4 for free. Quintessentially, his app will serve the purpose of comparing the ruble to the dollar and other currencies, as the ruble is in a quite fervent, turbulent state right now, as opposed to other, more settled currencies. The app will show a list of companies and include a built-in calculator, where you could buy/sell/compare stocks, or whatever; I’m not really into this kind of stuff, I’m just a designer. He found a programmer, but now he needs to design his app. That’s where I come in. As I have never approached such task in my life, I treaded lightly and with care, trying not to make a mess of my source .PSD, as the layers kept building up. But hey, cut some slack! This is my first-ever design for an app.
Here it is:

App design stocks

The app itself is called В Курсе, which directly translates as In The Know, being aware of sth. It will probably be only available for download in Russia and in Russian. However, the only thing I regret is that the fonts are different and look misplaced when using Russian as the main language; I could not use the original Apple’s Helvetica Neue typeface for the text, so with big regret, decided to settle upon the cheapskate Open Sans. It looks so out of place!

$root - whoami
app architect

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