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I have the worst OCD ever. I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to websites and web development. And now, I’m stuck on my site speed. I just have to get it perfect. I’ve read somewhere that it takes a human being 600 milliseconds to process information on a page while reading a book. That’s what everyone is aiming for - 600ms as their site speed. But my site speed is far from perfect. A couple of years ago, one of my sites (Doodlie) used to load in 6 seconds, which is really, really, really >>>slow. When Mozilla decreased its main site’s load time by a couple of seconds, they had a 25% increase in traffic that week.

Well, after a couple of years of moving hosts and messing about, I found the near-to-perfect solution. DigitalOcean, nginx, php-fpm, and the famous W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress. That’s how my site is running at the moment. The speed of the site has greatly improved - it now loads in 1.5 seconds on average. Good, but I still have to fiddle about and remove the bloaty plugins from WP.
But my traffic didn’t increase =)

Ghost has intrigued me the second I found out about it. I’ve been always looking for clean, minimalistic platforms that could outperform WordPress, both in speed and maybe even in functionality (in the future). Well, I think I found the solution.
Although Ghost is currently in its very early beta, no, alpha stage, it is very much useable. And oh, how fast it is! Mind you, this blog runs on Ghost. That’s why it’s so fast (it loads in about 700ms - nearly there). I want speed. Magnificent...

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