Groundhog Day

A strange time. School has ended, it’s assessment time and all I have to do is await the results. I’ve two weeks to spare, and nothing much to do. But since I like to spend my time productively, on the first day of the holidays I signed up to Lynda’s online courses, decided to learn some SASS... Ended up signing up for five very similar and long courses, and in each course the language requirements changed. So demanding. Such a learning curve with those confusing Web-Dev workflows... Ahh! I can’t just learn SASS, I need to install 20 different things - I went through the trouble of installing Ruby, NodeJS, Gulp and other bullshit on Cygwin, MinGW, and then later on Bash for Windows. And don’t ask why. It worked a bit, and then I got tired of bloating up my Windows. I never had a concrete project in mind, so really it was all for nothing. Now I know a tiny bit more about how hard it can be for those full-stack developers. My hat’s off to them.

I came to the conclusion - why do I need SASS, when I design websites, like these? - At least it loads fast :)

Most of the days have been filled with movies. All the old classics have gone out of favour. My mind wants something new and dazzling. I went into a regime, where in the evening I took to watching depressing art-house(ish) films, and as a result, spending the night compensating my horrible mood by stuffing down some of the shittiest comedies one can find on the internet. One of the most memorable examples was Happiness, followed by the finale episode of The Office (I love that show, though!). The next day, I tried watching The 40 Year-old Virgin - honestly, I couldn’t finish watching half of that film. So bad, so stupid and unintelligent. Even their slapstick jokes aren’t funny! My thinking is that the director was taking advice from his 10-year-old son, who’s cool, because he knows his stuff and the secrets of the street... What was he thinking?!?!?

It was a long and tiresome journey of petty (and not so much) films. Once, I sat through the dreaded Eraserhead, followed by Pretty Woman. Sometimes, I hate you, David Lynch. Then I arrived at Groundhog Day. As you might expect, nothing has changed, since the last time I saw it. This week was my groundhog day. To spice things up, I drew Bill Murray. He’s kind of fat, and the eye’s all wonky, the mouth’s too long, but it’s Bill Murray.

The forecast for the following week is presumably very similar; expect more binge-watching and LinkedIN scouring.

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