Ha! I have finally managed to set up my Ghost installation. And you know how? Yep, after weeks of trying to resolve millions of errors on Mediatemple, and after contacting their support team until the point when they said that “they respect my tenacity", I have found the nearest to perfect solution - DigitalOcean. I was amazed at how cheap and powerful their plans are. No, I am not writing to persuade, I have become very skeptical and disillusioned with all web hosting companies. It’s all about money... But I have to confess, DigitalOcean is a big exception. They’ve managed to make an impression.

I still can’t believe it! For $5 /mo, I get my own VPS on 20GB of SSD, my own IP address, 1TB bandwidth and loads of images to choose from. So powerful. Oh yes, and you can also choose your data centre location - USA, Amsterdam etc.

And all of this is backed up by an amazing community of similar-minded people. Personally, I think the company has the greatest reputation in the industry (as of 20th December, 2013). GoDaddy, Bluehost, even Mediatemple (still stands being my favourite), they all have their catches and their dark sides. To be fair, DigitalOcean is very new, it was founded only in 2011, so there you go.

Still waiting for the catch...

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