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I’m writing this as a small reminder of what the times were like when you were small. I know I’ve done a post like this a few months back, but I’d like to write some more (having a different mindset).

Will be 17 in exactly two weeks, one day, three hours and 49 minutes. Currently doing my A-levels first year, just so you don’t have to bother remembering what you were up to at this time (I know how forgetful you are). And I’m not getting the marks I want, just like most people in the world. Lisa is the only exception I came across; even she gets Bs, sometimes.

I dropped German. I see you’re smiling, a smile driven by shame and regret :`) Getting a U was the last straw. Shame on you, lazy ass! Oh, you know you’re the laziest person you have come across in your life (not counting lower middle class).

At least you’re doing good in Art. Art, Art, Art FTW! But how you hate all the bureaucracy (big word) that surrounds it, in a lot of trouble because of it; turned out was drawing in the wrong book. How stupid does that sound. Now you have to meddle with sticky glue. Hate sticking, organizing. Alas, Art in A-level is not all about drawing and increasing your abilities, two thirds is dedicated to following orders, abiding, STICKING TO THE FORMAT. How you hate mark schemes. You cannot do what you want. You make the (seemingly) stupid examiner understand that you love what you do by showing how much words you can regurgitate onto paper, foolishly describing, no, conveying, analyzing, expressing - have I listed all the buzzwords? - what some artist meant by drawing a circle at the edge of his painting, or something like that bs.
But you’ll get by. I know I’ll get a good grade. I know that at the end of the run you will spend the rest of your happy life doing what you love, whether it be drawing for money or making websites in a design startup or working as a server admin for a (not-so)famous company. God, I just realized that I do not want to freelance. It sucks if you’re not popular, although I’ve done relatively good SEO on Google. If someone wants to find me, GIYF, I’m the only result, all links to my websites, social media, etc. However, I have to take into account that I have quite a unique name - Nick Selensky. The only one on Facebook!

My benchmark in Computing is C. LOL. This is embarrassing, as I’m currently trying to hack a WPA password to access my neighbour’s wifi. Just to prove myself that I can do it. Well, after some hefty 5:20:20 and 62 million combinations passed in aircrack, you decided to give up; downloading a 11.5Gb .txt file that contains over one billion passwords gathered all across the web did not help you, you are too impatient for this stuff (there are quicker methods, you know!).
But I suck at programming, right now. I don’t particularly like Pascal. And I don’t particularly like programming, either. I understand it, but the syntax and all. I like typing, however. Especially on my £108 mechanical keyboard - Corsair K70 with blue switches - very therapeutic. Mhhmhm, the sound that the 50cN keys make is absolutely astonishing! It’s like playing a mini piano, but you know where all the keys are and when to press them. You’re so sure, in fact, that you are typing up this post without looking at the keyboard, and your average WPM that you checked on a typing race website is (on average) 65. Your record-high is 82 words per minute. That’s good!

On the other end of the spectrum, you are falling behind in all of your subjects. You don’t do your homework and you are watching Simpsons all the time. God, why am I constantly switching between I and You? I mean you, yeah, I, whatever.
At least my built-from-the-ground-up operating system is looking good - Arch Linux on Gnome 3.14 and Conky and Docky. Here’s a screenshot:

Arch Linux on Conky and Docky

It looks beautiful. Don’t you agree? You won’t be able to customize Windows like that. However, to achieve this perfection I started off bare-bone Arch, without a user interface. I even had to configure my connection to the Internet. Remember the painstakingly long confusion between GRUB and rEFInd? Yeah, you’ll remember ;)!

This is an unordered list of things that I enjoy doing:

  • Reading books.
    • Currently reading The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein. Very interesting! I started reading a lot of books, such as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Peter The Great: His Life and World and A Clockwork Orange, but my problem is that I always find new books to read and I’m in this constant mess of stuff that I have to finish reading.
  • Watching films.
    • The last film I have watched before Lent was... You know what? I can’t remember! I watch so many films that I lose track of what I have and have not watched. In fact, my daily routine consists of about one film a day. Overload. I can’t believe it, but I watched American Psycho and A Clockwork Orange when I was just 13!
  • Music.
    • I like a lot of composers and music artists, ranging from Classics to Hard Rock. Some of my favourite composers:
      • Rammstein
      • Placebo
      • Muse
      • The Smashing Pumpkins
      • Spitalfield
      • Vampire Weekend
      • Above and Beyond
      • Depeche Mode
      • Fischerspooner
      • Kasabian
      • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
      • Sleater Kinney
      • The Glitch Mob
      • The Zolas
      • The National
      • Bach
      • Beethoven
      • Rachmaninoff
      • Shostakovich
      • Erik Satie
      • Antonio Vivaldi
      • Tchaikovsky
      • Ludovico Einaudi
    • The list came out to be quite long. Rammstein with Rachmaninoff; man, the variety!
  • Hacking (ethical).
    • I like to do some hacking, if you will, in my spare time (which I have a lot of). Using a live usb Kali Linux distro, using wifite (easy, because everything’s automated) to try and crack my WPS key. It takes some hours, but it’s better than trying to crack the .cap file from a handshake - don’t have the patience :)
  • Drawing.
    • My life and passion. I love it! However, I noticed a funny thing: I can go on without drawing for days, meaning that I’m not really attached to it, yet on the other side it’s the only thing that comes out well at the end of the day. And when I do put my mind to it, I can draw, paint for hours on end, enjoying my ecstatical disposition of mind, taking a moment to appreciate the sincere and almost perfect strokes of the brush or the pencil.

I’ll stop right here. Be watching The Simpsons ;)

P.S. I vow not to look at this post for the next 15 years!

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