You know what? I didn’t expect much more from that movie; all blood and gory, graphic violence, Brad Pitt excelling the rest (as always), the superhuman, the protagonist who will save the world by hiding out in an inferior American broken tank. It’s absurd! Surely, nobody would expect the Germans to be so stupid, not be able to take down an American tank with the super-cool and super-awesome and super-serious Pitt, who fought bravely to the end. Pfft.
Nah, after watching Soviet classics where, mind you, they presented WWII archive footage, Hollywood action is just pure bullshit! The fake, hollow, pretentious epicness and stupendously bold, corageous and valiant petty American soldiers, fighting and beating up Germans, showing them who’s the boss!

However, I must confess that I liked the film. It touched me. As a whole, it looked very real, disturbing and made me sympathize with the soon doomed-to-be-dead-and-buried soldiers... from both sides. Very dramatic and moving!

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