From Russia with Love

The weather’s wonderful. The heat is bearable. I just came back from Bryansk and enjoying the things the capital has to offer, from the roads without potholes, to the magnificent architecture and beautiful art galleries. The public transport is incredible, too. The air conditioner is a life-saver...

My doctor told me I need to make a radical change in my life if I am to survive on this earth. There’s an opportunity to travel to the Solovetsky islands, the mother of GULag. My uncle is against this 10-day soul-searching experiment. But I won’t be alone on this journey, and I hope it’ll be interesting and somewhat enlightening. It’ll take about 23 hrs to get there by train; a feat. That’s what I call radical!

Caught up with my friend, today. He graduated from UoR and came back to work in Moscow. Told me it was like a deja-vu seeing me around here. It was great. Will catch up soon, again.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting my childhood friend. I wonder what’ll come of that.

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