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It turned out that fixing my broken computer wasn’t enough. That’s the con of having your own custom-built system. You fix and debug for an indefinite amount of time; it never really stops. And that’s why I like Apple. Their computers are as easy to use as one-two-three (speaking from ignorance here, as I never really used iMacs in my life)!

By the way, the source of the problem turned out to be the PSU, after all. However, it took the technicians almost two weeks to diagnose and fix it! I will never visit them again! I could have just bought all the parts myself, and not pay the extra £45 for the labour, or whatever.

On the other hand, I’m quite content, for the time being. Fixing things I love! Right now, the graphics card, which I also bought from them - EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked - is working almost perfectly. I say almost, because the games that I like to play once in a while are constantly crashing. I have scoured the web for solutions, and I think I found some (delete some drivers, reinstall my Windows!).
I’m a newbie when it comes to computer games, and it turns out that everyone hates Uplay and EA. I think I’m beginning to understand this - by coincidence, my games are made both by Ubisoft and EA; Watch Dogs and Need For Speed Rivals, trivial distractions that act as substitutes for my favourite game that I can’t wait for to be released on PC - GTA V.
The aforementioned games are amazing, interesting, yet prove to be an utter disappointment. It’s Uplay and Origin, I played both of these games fine on my old 550 Ti before deciding to upgrade - the games were cracked and worked well. However, after deciding to get a 770 and buy these games from G2A, I found out that they crash after about 30 min of playing on average. It’s the damned in-game overlay and lack of game optimization. I did some serious stress tests with 3DMark and OCCT - no problemo!

God, I’ve been brainwashed by my brother. He’s the geek when it comes to computer games, all those sordid revelations that I would be happy to forget and ignorantly play on, actually enjoying games and not particularly caring about the FPS or the performance.

Here’s a screenshot for you to enjoy the awesome (awesome as in awe-some, not the new sense of the word) graphics of Watch Dogs!

Watch Dogs

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