Fake Smiles

Sometimes I wonder whether they are truly smiling or just following the etiquette. A form of very cold politeness, those brutal, hollow smiles that make you shiver all over. Gosh, I hate it! You never know when they are real, and I hate not knowing; forced laughter, sarcastic laughter, cynical chuckles of (contempt?) despise and condescension, hidden underneath a thick coat of weather-talk and pretence.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe all I see are the wrong and awry faculties of evil, hidden deep inside ourselves, disillusioned with the world and the human. I guess I’ve been reading a lot of news lately. News is not good. All those revolutions and coup d’états. I can’t believe it, it’s almost a year since the disgraceful Maidan revolution in Ukraine! And now there’s the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, the catalonians and scots inspired, but following a more civic approach, sulking on about their independence, passing on referendums. A chain-reaction of violence triggered around the world...

Heck! What do I care? Haha, re-reading the sudden regurgitation of undirected thought, it’s very interesting to observe how I go off on a tangent, reaching out and touching such delicate topics after musing about how people smile and laugh!


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