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I woke, I fell, and earned a bruise around my eye. It’s funny, because this had to happen on Sunday, a day when all the pharmacies in the world are destined to be closed. Nope, I don’t have a plaster.

Why am I predisposed to such disasters? It’s not the first time this happened, and considering, wasn’t close to what could’ve happened. Last summer, gallivanting around Moscow with a black eye I got in a similar fashion, I amused myself with the indignation of the commuting public! Travelling by metro, the elderly grannies abashed, almost confused by my lack of respect and self-awareness, resulting in their desperate attempts at pointing it out to me, which involved some violent gesticulation, eye-pulling, and making grumpy faces. There were also those who gave bemused, yet sincere nods of understanding. Nope, I didn’t have sunglasses.


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