Exams. Finished.

The exams have ended. The week ahead wreaks the time of very late nights and worriless mornings, not thinking about school, lying lackadaisically and waking up when it’s lunch.

Art, something that I’m profoundly good at (at least that’s how I feel about it), has been my last exam. For six hours on end I sat and drew with all the pens and media that I brought with me. You know, when it comes to drawing, six hours isn’t a lot, you don’t get very much done - all I did was complete two A4 sized drawings - but without music (exam conditions) the six hours pass by very strenuously, as if someone toggled slow motion. I hope I’ll get a good grade for Art. I can say that I tried.

Oh, I’ve got a new order on Envato Studio, by the way. Hopefully, it will be enough to fund my hosting debts for another couple of months. I’ll have to find a job soon, freelance sucks if you’re not popular. But I’ll get there, everything will be alright.


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