I try to search for a post on my website that I have written some time ago and find out that I cannot. Impossible, no results! It’s that damned Tapirus search engine not working, again. Oh, the indignation...

Scouring through the Creative Market, I notice something very interesting and unique. Not the usual, mediocre stuff that you stumble across everyday. It’s a very original theme, and for a very original platform, too; Ducentis, a minimalistic and utterly beautiful Ghost theme that manages to boast a wide range of customizable features without the need to touch code - something that you seldom come across with this platform, which is arguably still in its late beta phase.

5 Reasons Why I Love Ducentis

  • Aimed At All - By far, the biggest reason why I loved this theme straightaway, is the fact that it is made for everyone from photographers to cooks, featuring a variety of modern techniques and well-written, documented code; photographers can enjoy the freedom of full-width and featured images, with the unique ability to ‘geotag’ their photos with minimal captions, and if clicked upon, would present the pre-defined location of the photograph with Google Maps in a lightbox format. Similarly, cooks and food junkies can enjoy the so-called ‘recipe’ function, which can present step-by-step instructions in a clear and concise format.

  • SEO - Something that I found truly useful is the fact that Ducentis is SEO optimized, and is Ghost 0.5.2. version ready, meaning it can output meta-description tags to search engines, and which can be manually defined in Ghost’s edit screen.

  • Widgets / Shortcodes - Phenomena greatly popularized by WordPress, these are now available in Ghost, thanks to this theme; image grids, tables of contents, full-width content and even poetry shortcodes, with the option to add widgets in designated places on the site - navigation menu or the footer, with a range of 10+ widgets. I’m sure more is on the way!

  • Typography - The choice of typography makes the content very legible and reflects very well upon the overall design and feel of the website, a beautiful combination of (sans-)serif fonts, with a stern RobotoDraft typeface for headings, exercising impeccable discipline and order, and Droid Serif for the text.

  • Custom Pages - An area covered extensively by Ducentis, featuring 4 custom index page designs, ranging from simple post excerpts (and some variations) to grid and masonry layouts. But that’s not all, as you would expect from a well-developed theme, Ducentis is also equipped with custom error and contact pages.

Overall, Ducentis is a theme for all. As I have stated earlier, one could use it as easily for a portfolio as for a mom’s cooking blog. Compelling!

See the theme for yourself - Ducentis Demo

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