Drive and Synthwave

Found a new music genre for myself: Synthwave. Fell in love with it, after watching Drive for the first time. Come to think of it, how did I miss this movie?!.. Possibly the most epic and atmospheric piece of cinema that I watched in recent times. The shots are beautiful. Very stylish.

Inspired by the film, I spent 2 ½ hours drawing away the lead character. I know, I know, the head’s too small, and the eyes... well, the eyes are almost always either tiny and/or too far apart in my illustrations (I’m working on it!). His neck really is that long on the poster. Ryan Gosling, funnily enough, has really small ears. Couldn’t draw his amazing car, though, as it didn’t fit on my DIN A4 paper. Too bad.


Today will be the day when I find out about my assessment results... after my sleep, of course. Everyone’s passed Foundation, so that’s that, although I really hope that I’ll get something more than a pass. After all, I tried.

So long, people!

$root - whoami
synthwave sentient
My Thumb and Bach’s Music

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