The past 5 days have been somewhat unusual and very dreamy; I’m in a constant state of a dream. It’s as if the boundaries, walls between my dreams and the concrete reality have been rubbed off. Dazy and constantly tired. Oh, and I got into a habit of watching a film a day. A personal ritual, of sorts. Yesterday, I watched The Bridge over the River Kwai, the day before that - the last episode of Twin Peaks. And the day before that... I forgot!

At least my online portfolio is looking well. I’ve been playing about with a new CMS I found on the web - koken - a CMS designed for the photographer, it’s still in beta, but good enough for me. The good thing about it is that you can customize every photograph from within the admin panel. Reminds me of Adobe Bridge, very efficient.

By the way, I’ve got myself an instagram account. No selfies there, I assure you! Here’s a link -



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