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I have been steadily migrating my websites, one by one, from Mediatemple to Digitalocean -,,, etc. After configuring all of these, I moved on to migrate my most valuable (at the time of writing) domain -, which is also my oldest domain; I launched a blog during end of 2012, where I was to post inspirational content and my own doodles and art on a daily basis.
It took me two whole days to set everything up and migrate the blog. Previously, it used to be hosted on CentOS 6.5, with Apache as the web server and nginx configured as a reverse proxy. It worked fine, but I didn’t like that sort of setup (remember, the Mediatemple VPS is not mine) - however, I had other sites which were to be up at all times, so I didn’t have complete control over my environment. And that’s how I ended up finding out about DigitalOcean*****.

Now, after spending hours on end configuring the VPS, I declare that it is set up and functioning to my liking, and I can affirm, once again, that Doodlie is in a stable condition. Woohoo!
Oh yes, the current setup is -

  • OS - Arch linux
  • Architecture - x86_64
  • Server - nginx 1.5.7
  • Notable PHP extensions - memcached php-fpm php-xcache
  • Soon to be - varnish (having problems configuring it on archlinux)
***** My favourite hosting provider, after all.
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