DNS, VPS and Control Panels...

Since the previous post, I have been reading over and over the many community articles DigitalOcean has provided with their cheap VPS plans. You can see for yourself the sheer amount of tutorials and articles here. Of course, DigitalOcean encourages people to contribute and write, as they are ready to pay $50 to anyone who creates a similar, useful tutorial. I’m currently reading a tut which will hopefully explain to me how to install Virtualmin on Ubuntu. Also reading about load-balancing and varnish servers. Hopefully will increase the site speed of my project Doodlie, which I’m planning to migrate to DigitalOcean from (mt) Mediatemple...

I have to say, after three days of vigorously using and testing their so-called droplets, I can’t find the catch. DigitalOcean is just fantastic. Plain, minimal. No bloatware (I’m thinking of GoDaddy right now).


And you can see this straight away after signing up; their control panel is extremely minimalistic, and provides the most important, basic options for setting up a VPS. Everything else is left for the developer to setup and configure how he likes. Lots of focus on white space. Just like my art tutor used to say -

Less is more

But enough of that. I have used up this day to set up a domain for my father, as he requested that he too, wants to start a small blog. You know, just a line a day. That’s where Ghost comes in handy. I decided to create a separate VPS running Ghost on Ubuntu for the newly acquired domain which I bought for him - evgeny.se. Ends with .se too, just like my domain...

Turns out my father wasn’t that interested in starting a blog. He’s postponing the idea. I guess I got over-excited on the topic of creating a new website. I just love it. It’s all so new to me...

23:28 - Mum urges me to go to bed

$root - whoami
exhilarated and inspired

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