Yep, I have been accepted as an editor of the DMOZ Open Directory. Goofy smile =D

I am lucky. I’ve read a lot of comments and frustrated bloggers not being able to apply for a DMOZ editor, as their aim was based purely on SEO. They wanted to promote their website. I, on the other hand, have volunteered to become an editor, because it would look good on my CV, having done some voluntary work in the largest web directory in the world. The first time I applied, I got rejected; my URL descriptions were too biased and, from the editor’s words -

Pieces of text clipped from a website’s mission statement rarely result in the neutral and succinct website description that we’re looking for :)

The next time, I’ve read their editor guidelines more carefully, done some more research, found better websites, created objective, unbiased descriptions and submitted my application. In March. Now it’s June. 2-3 months have passed. But that’s OK. They’ve stated that it takes a long time for them to process all the requests.
Am I happy? I’m happy.

After I have done some edits and submitted a few websites, I’m looking forward to expand my line of work. Move from my current Password Recovery category to World/Russian/Новости_и_СМИ, as that category lacks useful websites.

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