Death in the Bunker

First student project. Creating a book cover for a penguin book that I picked out at random, which turned out to be Death in the Bunker. Wasn’t going to post this anywhere (it’s Hitler we’re talking about, after all!), but then remembered that I have a blog, oh what solace! I post some of the most ridiculous things on here, an illustration of Hitler would do no harm, or none that I can think of.

adolf hitler illustration

I’m looking at that tear that I hastily drew in Photoshop, and realise that it’s a bit out of place. Maybe it’s the positioning, maybe not, but as it is, it looks ridiculous; the poker-face Hitler with a clumsy red tear rolling off his cheek, a tear of defeat. I want to burst out laughing looking at that!

And from my illustration came the InDesign book cover, based on a penguin book template with crop marks —



Today was the deadline. Spent the whole morning trying to print it out on card, as did everybody else. To conclude, after spending another hour folding and gluing the design to a ripped-up book I ordered online (The Archaeology of Palestine, to be precise), I went home.

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