Dark Nights

During the working week, the lights go off in some parts of the country after midnight. Is the government trying to save energy? Who knows. The thing that matters is that this disables me from having a nice, late evening stroll around the area - you know, just to relax after a tough day. This also means that if I was out at a party and arrived home late, it would be harder to find my way home. It’s also another incentive for burglars; I’ve been hearing a higher amount of car alarms going off at night, and it’s annoying =___=

It’s also creepy as hell, especially when it’s cold and foggy - I feel like I’ve been transported to Silent Hill. One light left on for a whole street, and it’s standing next to a tree that likes to sway and cast strange shadows.

But if you forget all this nonsense and when it’s warm and the weather’s clear, the moon is out and you can observe all the stars above and it is absolutely beautiful!

P.S. This reminds me, I need to get a new pair of small, wireless earphones, so that I can listen to music freely.

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