Creativity and Calligraphy

The pressure is building up, I’m about to burst.... Aah, that’s it, there it goes, all that jizz on to the paper, my hand holding a pencil, flowing uncontrollably, full of emotion, myself perspiring, the paper becoming moist under my hands. Spend some time correcting this, blu-tacking out mistakes (I never use rubber - damages the paper texture), there! After half an hour, something comes out. Mhmm, looks interesting. Not what I expected, but OK, I’ll do another one. How about Instagramming it, for a change? See what others think of it.

The Chapman Brothers. Sick bastards! Quick doodle of them... #quick #doodle #chapmanbrothers #art #sick #bastards #artists #modernart

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I assure you, the sketch looks better in real life! Sad face 😔 hmm, spent 40 min. on him. I hope you can guess who that is ;) #quick #sketch #art #pencildrawing #doodle #leonardodicaprio #fanart

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Time passes.

You look back upon your not-so-old work and think, God, what was I thinking? Big fat juicy facepalm, with a cherry on top. Фейс об тейбл, как говорится. Where does it come from, that urge to create? Uncensored and unedited, so full of mistakes and stupid decisions, so explicit. Creativity is overrated. Oh, and it comes at night. That’s the worst part for me. I cannot bear it! The sudden desire to draw, spending sleepless nights doodling away, or concentrating on calligraphy, albeit the latter being much more relaxing. Something comes out, eventually, my skill and experience increases, and I can see it happen very quickly. Take calligraphy, for example. I started practising calligraphy on an (almost) daily basis since September 2015. Now, half a year has passed. I can see change, huge change! In the beginning, I couldn’t figure out how to write a minuscule “a" without it ending up looking like a bagel, oh and those Fraktur “S"es were the worst. Now, I’m proud to say that I’ve improved. Drastically. Not perfect, never perfect, but getting there. I still have to figure out my spacing and a whole load of other stuff. Hell, I’ll show you a comparison of my old and new work!

The old -

Dope shit. My new Pilot Parallel calligraphy pen has arrived and that's the first thing I write with it ;) #calligraphy #pilot #pen #inktober #typespot #dopeshit

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The (better) new -

A quote by Walt Whitman. You can see how many times I tried before getting it right (I should have gotten a bigger piece of paper!!) #broad #nib #calligraphy #uncial #quote #waltwhitman

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Although there are a lot of mistakes, it’s much better-looking than the previous photo. I have grown an awareness of all of the letter shapes and how they should go with each other. Additionally, I started exploring the world of copperplate calligraphy.

Post Fata Resurgo - a Latin phrase that translates to English as "I return to life after misfortune". This phrase was asked for by @heyzahra_ - I delivered! If you want me to write anything, please DM me or leave a comment. I read them, you know ;) #free #calligraphy #Latin #phrase #copperplate #typegang #typespot #goodtype #typography #art

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In a sense, it’s harder but much more gratifying, you feel this sense of achievement when you do it right.

My legal name in copperplate :) Haven't done copperplate for quite a bit... #copperplate #calligraphy #blackandwhite #flourish #practice

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Ironically, I am finishing this post at 42 minutes past midnight. Says something about creativity. I’ll go and do some calligraphy...

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