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Today (yesterday), my copic markers have arrived. A set of 36, which was a present for my birthday... which is yet to be on the 11th. I just couldn’t wait!

I wasn’t disappointed. But, to give credit where it’s due, I have to be thankful to Spectrum Noir for jumpstarting my long-lost interest in markers and the use of colour overall. Prior to receiving SN’s pack of 24 markers, I mostly used my microns and PITT pens to create illustrations, not counting the calligraphy. Now, out with the old, used markers, and in with the new! The Spectrum Noir set was good during the first week or two, but after a month they quickly lost their edge, and became dry. Copics, on the other hand, they are there for you, and they are there to last. I love the fact that they’re refillable - somebody used them for decades without buying new ones. It’s a good investment. They’re also very nice to hold in your hand, after weeks of getting accustomed with SN’s markers, which have hard edges; the term “ergonomic design” clearly doesn’t ring any bells in their R&D department.

I have still yet to master seamless blending, but I’ll get there. The copics make it just easier so. My favourite colours, so far: Rose Salmon (R02), Ultramarine (B29), Crimson (RV29), Prussian Blue (B39), Pale Blue (B32).

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