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So I’ve been given a computer. And I have built it myself. Can’t stop boasting about this. Nice. What now? - Blazing fast setup! The computer starts up in under 5 seconds (and that’s on Windows), Photoshop opens up in under a second. Fantastic! Creativity, here we come...

Spec-wise, the mobo is an MSI - Z87 (mATX), good enough for me, the RAM is really great - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 - 8Gb @ 1600MHz. The CPU is an Intel i5 @ 3.40Ghz, overclocked (using OC Genie) to 3.90 Ghz, and Windows 8.1 is running on a Samsung Evo SSD (120Gb). However, the only problem right now is the Internet. I’ve bought a crappy £15 Asus WiFi card, as I don’t have an Ethernet cable routed into my room (yet), and my connection is so slow that I can’t even complete a speedtest, and when I try to download a file through FTP, Filezilla reports download speeds of 16Kb/s at minimum. At least uTorrent works relatively well - 1Mb/s on average. Meh, I’ll have to wait a month until I get good Internet...

P.S. See the photos of the computer itself over on

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