College Is a Strange Place

Induction Week ended. Now I have to dress up with a guy I don’t know as twins. Yeh, that’s the project for the rest of the week -

Dress the same, eat the same, think the same and follow the same activities as twins; drawing, photographing, filming etc. Become one with your twin.

It’s kind of a nightmare. For a whole week, Carl!..

On a more serious note, I have done some ‘twin’ work, but came as I would have come on any day, i.e. I didn’t bother with my clothes; black shirt and grey, old jeans, paired with dirty shoes (which were very comfy). Come to think of it, I need to get a new pair of jeans - my phone has destroyed most of them, by ripping the pockets apart and making ugly holes. That’s my phone, all right!

Here be instagram embeds that may (or may not) load quickly on this site -

Some more Ragnar illustrations from Vikings. #Ragnar #art #illustration #calligraphy #fraktur #vikings

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And some more Viking illustration for the project (an interest that I have in common with the stranger) -

Ragnar Lothbrok... I've messed up the left eye... that is HIS right eye. Damn. #vikings #ragnarlothbrok #drawing #art

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