Celebrities exploit their position in society and offer nothing in return

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Celebrities. They are the puppeteers of our time. We devour their daily insolent scandals, and we crave their talents; we want them to produce more! We - the public - are bound to helplessly lust for more of their bestsellers, tours, songs, films, the list goes on, and we are defined in one single, overused word - consumer. We are their target - to exploit and degrade.
Most of this “prodigious" content they bother to create is absurd, meaningless. Hollow. (Most) of the modern popular music does not inspire the listener, on the contrary, the music is degrading and is growing worse - a study to prove this (William M. Briggs - Proof That Music is Growing Worse) -

Word count is soaring, but word uniqueness is dropping.

Take an artist like Flo Rida or Rebecca Black... Or Miley Cyrus! And not to mention the ever-so-popular song Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men. Degeneration. A school study (Eaton, 1997) on mice and the types of music they listened to has shown that the mice which constantly listened to Hard Rock killed each other, whereas the mice that listened to Classical music excelled in a maze-race. A quote from the student -

I had to cut my project short because all the
hard-rock mice killed each other. . . . None of the classical mice did that

This leads me to speculate and conspire on ideas like - are celebrities a source of evil to help the government keep control of the peoples? So nobody will be left un-brainwashed by the horrific music videos of Miley Cyrus’ atrocities? So the public will keep on stupid and never mind the real danger?

Of course, these are my personal views, you shouldn’t listen to me; judge for yourself. There are good celebrities, there always were, but right now, millennials cannot get through the popular noise (or just don’t bother to), to discover great, talented, philantropically-minded artists, musicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, who truly tried to give something back to the society. And I’m not talking about attention-seekers like Kim Kardashian, God forbid! I am talking about true talents - Tim Berners-Lee - a computer scientist, who is acclaimed as the inventor of the World Wide Web, Linus Torvalds, the man behind the Linux OS. And in literature, writers like Ray Bradbury (who died very recently) and film-directors like Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman - all these people were great celebrities, never seeking personal attention, and devoting most of their time and energy to produce great masterpieces, which would be remembered forever.

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