I have started seriously and consistently practicing Calligraphy about one or two months ago. Personally, I think that I’ve progressed incredibly. I never thought that I could do this just by watching YouTube videos and reading online articles, but it’s working out. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. The most important aspect of calligraphy is discipline, as was said by my art tutor about three years ago, when I was just finding out about the topic. Now equipped with my Calligrapher’s Bible, I’m trying out many Gothic and Renaissance calligraphy hands with my new Brause broad-edged nib. Gothic is one of my favourites, especially the Fraktur and Secretary hands. They are easier to memorise and do not have as much flair and flourishes as the Copperplate, which I have recently started to practice with my new pointed nibs (Nikko G, Brause 361, Leonardt EF Principal) and an oblique pen holder. Some photos of the process -

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