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Today has not been the most productive day. This weekend has not been so, not in the least. It’s exam period and I feel apathetic and tired of being tired. It’s nauseating, really. Maybe it’s my hayfever acting up again. Spring. A beautiful week has passed, sunny and warm. I never suffered from the cold during the winter but have truly compensated for this serendipity by contracting a mild case of the hives; initially contemplated the idea that I might have developed a newfound allergy to nuts after eating a whole pack of Ferrero-Rocher earlier on in the day, but then concluded that I do not have the nut allergy and am not planning on getting one, so it must have been the hives. First time for me.

The sunny week has passed and now it’s cloudy and cold. I look out of the window and all I see is clouds. Clouds, clouds, clouds. British summer really is my favourite day of the year. I miss my natural Vitamin D consumption. On the bright side, I only have two exams; one that I have to pass, and another one that I plan on failing. That marketing bullshit hasn’t helped me in the least, the important things they’ll teach me throughout the course. I wonder why I’ve signed up to that crap in the first place. Oh well.

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