Black and White Family

Some photos of my family that I took over the years. I like these photos. I figured, I’d post them on Notepad.

Haven’t done photography in a very long while. Most of these photos were taken back in 2012/2013. That’s when I was into photography. However, over the years, a thought kept nagging me - Where do I go next? How do I progress my skill? - and that just changed everything and my attitude towards this fine art. Now, I don’t take photos as much as I would’ve liked to, partly because I don’t have the equipment that I want (e.g. a nice Leica instead of my broken kit lens), but also because I’ve somehow lost my motivation. At least, deep inside, I know that I have this ability to create great photos, find great compositions and possess the technical understanding of the processes involved, and that I can resume my craft whenever I want to, or rather, when I’ll be able to afford better equipment.

Yours sincerely,

Depressed Photographer.


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