Inspired by the film, I’m now listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1st Piano Concerto. Stunning! I didn’t regret going to the cinema; it strikes you hard with the unusual, existentialistic storyline, making you focus hard, and all the while slowly, steadily revealing and explaining the intricate and difficult train of thought that’s musing on inside Michael Keaton’s disillusioned head. It’s all a bit of a mystery up until the end, really. A film with a unique twist, it makes you think (quite rare). It’s not just a dark satire, a comedy on the ways of broadway life, it makes the viewer think about themselves and relate the unfortunate protagonist’s actions to their own, as he talks to the viewer and discloses his utter revelations.
While watching it, I found a trace of the eerie David Lynch, the Christopher Nolan action scenes, and the thought-provoking, long and considerate stills of Stanley Kubrick - I especially liked the long glance of the corridor, right before Keaton came rushing tiredly in, fake blood gushing down his spine.

At the end, he dies. That’s it with spoilers, I promise. Or, rather, it would have made much more sense if he would have died. But, alas, it’s an American film, and American films desire happy endings; Michael Keaton, the protagonist, jumps out of the window and literally becomes Birdman, thus fulfilling his long-lasting dream.
I don’t think that’s necessarily right. While watching the film, I thought one would assume that all his so-called ‘brain-stunts’ and jumping off roofs are fake and are a part of his egotistic suffering, if you will, and that he is desperately trying to solve some sort of identity crisis. But, at the end he floats out of the hospital window. He does not die. That’s bad. It would’ve made much more sense for him to die, and make the film one truly good dark, satirical comedy.
Birdman figure
On a side-note, they never actually showed him flying after he jumped out of the window. They implied this by showing his daughter’s reaction - hurriedly looking down, then with a sort of a bemused expression slowly facing upwards, and the slight, wondrous smile adding to the effect...
What if she was imagining this? But that’s just conspiracy stuff =)

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