Big Words and Meaning Thereof

Right, here it goes. I’m going to come clean: I love using big words, and using them all the time. Words that even I have trouble remembering. My posts are littered with them. Forgive me. Why do I do it?...

After reading Steven King’s On Writing a year ago, I figured some things for myself, and came to a conclusion to try and make whatever I work on as simple and concise as possible. No bullshit. None of that waffle that all my essays and job applications are littered with. However, there’s this constant urge to experiment with the new, to wander into unknown territory, to open a thesaurus at random and pick out fancy adjectives at will. It’s so damn exciting! This sounds great at first glance, but in practice makes my work trying, and (usually) gives off a stench of pretentiousness. Decorating my shit with some icing and sprinkles. And the cherry goes to... the title of the post!

Who the fuck would come up with such an absurd title? Who, may I ask, still makes use of thereof? There is this monster, an alter-ego wired inside my brain that chooses flamboyant and kitschy over common sense and good taste. I do try, mind you, and with every iteration comes a change, sometimes for worse, sometimes for the better. I don’t try enough, but I’ll be sure to try to try more!

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