Big City

A Peaceful, lackadaisical town, where everyone is content and happy. Terrifyingly peaceful and boring. At times it gets so dull and empty. Very limiting. Nothing to see, nothing to do. A town of merely less than a 100K people, it is filled with depressing elderly men and women who sit and contemplate and talk of what the weather man said on TV.

I don’t want this. I am not like that. I am an active, young persona that seeks something big and magnificent. Not restrained by boundaries nor choice.

A city so big that it would be easy to get lost, even if you don’t want it, where accidents happen and calamities occur on a daily basis in everbody’s lives. I’m talking big, huge, wondrous cities. London, Moscow, the Big Apple. They all have something in common, in that they are big and old, yet at the same time innovating and ambitious, full of life. I want to be part of such a society. To commute, work and live a busy life. To innovate and aspire...

...And once I’m old, only then I will understand and enjoy the peaceful life of a small town or a village. The end.

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