It was fantastic! Visited the Barbican Theatre today... or rather yesterday, as it’s quarter to one AM, after the long journey from London. Heard the London Symphony Orchestra play Revolutionary Russian classical music - Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3, Schostakovich’s 10th symphony, and Schostakovich’s apprentice - Tishchenko - Dante Symphony No. 1.
As the event was conducted by Valery Gergiev, and the featured pieces were all Russian, I heard a lot of Russian conversations and murmurs around the hall throughout the evening. Oh, the pianist was Russian, too! - Denis Matsuev. So picturesque and vivid. Why are all professional pianists like that? The way he raised and lowered his eyebrows constantly, the way he smiled and hummed and tapped his feet to the beat while playing was very amusing! I even heard some of the crowd behind us laugh. But the best part was when Prokofiev’s Concerto came to an end - the pianist exploded on the last chords, his hands literally jumping out from the piano.

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