Autumn Colours

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Tuesday morning. I’m having breakfast early in the afternoon, just my usual load of coco-pops (they remind me of dog food =___=). I resort to reading the latest issue of National Geographic, since my phone broke. In my family, I noticed early on a tendency for people to read while they eat, starting from my granddad, who always knows how to cram and balance a big fat book on a table filled with food. Delicious.

Anyway (why do I always manage to meander off the topic?), after breakfast I went and did a family photoshoot in Christchurch park. This time focusing on orange colours. Maybe a bit of red, too.

To make things more interesting (and orange), I decided to post-process a bunch of trees in Photoshop. Some worked quite well.

On the way to the park... At least he’s orange.

I didn’t apply this effect to faces, as they become ridiculously harsh and accentuated. Here’s a few, anyway.

Ouch, look at those spots!

Spots, you were saying?

More photos. Different post-processing techniques.

I like the composition on this one.

I photoshopped Fe’s horrendous spots out of this one, and then made him black and white. There, looks like a real model now, eh? Not as bad as in the previous version. :)

No spots for me, either!

Some photos didn’t come out as expected. I like them.

Look at that innocent smile :)
Oh, but look at that cut-off arm!

Crappy bokeh effects; I wish I had a decent lens (DEESONCY!!!)

Now that my brother’s (probably) pissed off, I’ll end this post.

I’m happy.

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