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When it comes to questions and whatnot, it is a big, big, big mistake asking my dad for help; having earned a Ph.D in maths and physics, my father is monumentally ignorant to the word - simple. I came to him for help with one, simple question that has been itching away at me for quite some time:

"Hey, Dad, how can I quickly convert hex to denary?" - Notice the word quickly.

Instead of showing me a fail-proof method of getting the right answer to, say, A7 (we all know that it equals to 167 in denary), he made me go all over through the base systems and how to work out the answer the correct way. And it didn’t stick, I didn’t remember any of it apart from the final explanation of how to actually do it. My father is a great man of science and programming, but he will never be a teacher. He is doomed to fail in this intricate art of patience and understanding. Or so stands my rightful and languid-stricken opinion on his teaching.

Well, at least I understood it, this time. Throughout all of his alienating formulae and all, he made me figure it out. This is a big exception, however, because when it comes to maths, well, you don’t want to know =) I admit, I have a very big problem with maths and even basic mental maths - I cannot work numbers in my brain. A good analogy would be of me trying to direct my grandfather over Skype on how to open up a new tab in Opera...

He did eventually open it, mind you.

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