I visited the Botanical Gardens in München. Charlotte Verity, a prominent British artist, met our group and provided us with a set of short drawing assignments. She reminds me a lot of Jane, a local artist I used to visit a few years ago, who too likes to wear orange trousers and contrasting tops, and both seem to enjoy wearing the same kind of white hair. I find the artists that I’ve met in my life to be likeminded in many of their eccentricities. You can always spot them if you care to listen to their paced, reflective deliberations on the importance of knowing how to look.

Settled on a nice stone. Tiny red ants are crawling busily around my sketchbook. The heat and itchiness is getting to me. I’m busy observing the large rainforest canopy situated above my head. I try placing it on my page without breaking the unusual proportions. Verity is quietly giving me some guidance, commending my foolhardiness — At least you try. Good for you! — She hands me one of her old brushes that she found in her backpack, guiding my vision and highlighting the angle of the canopy against the straight brush. She asks if I want to keep the brush, as I might find it useful. I refuse. I probably misinterpreted this kind gesture. I usually do.

I lack concentration. I lose interest in a drawing too quickly. Verity reminded me of this problem and told me that I need to be patient with my work, give more thought to my sketches. The results will be evident. I’ll keep trying, trying, trying. Drawing is an inherent part of my self and my lifestyle.

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