First time I’ve experienced the effects of general anaesthesia (and yes, I always like to spell things ae), I slept like a baby. If you’ve never been placed under such anaesthetic, I tell you that you’re missing out on the best damn sleep. Ever. The pre-op guys placed an oxygen mask over my mouth and that was about the last thing that I could remember. It literally felt like two seconds. No pain, no anything. You wake up feeling like you can’t move your tongue, tired as hell, yet in a working condition. The rest of the day you just walk about, dizzy and shaky, dreaming of getting more of that precious sleep.

The 40-minute operation went well. It was not major; the doctors inserted a round, small flat device that emits tiny electric beeps for 30 seconds every 5 minutes, which is supposed to help me prevent seizures. The device is called a VNS Stimulator; it’s connected to my vagus nerve (sounds funny).

I’m quite tired after the operation and barely have the strength to carry on typing, so I’ll watch Dexter and lr4okyeio jnuwhparweglk;n y-y6198-985y70w2354t807sjkrlsd\nbjdvbm;zQ LKAHEB RTLKUHlhurwahbuhmngs oiuaberihnust;hjsdtsths...........////././...............................

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