An Idea

I want to start my own design agency. This idea has been brewing in the back of my mind for some time, now. I was joking about this many years ago with my uncle, but have now realised that this is not as far-fetched as it seemed a while back...

I am an undergrad. I have a plan for my future and I want to realise it. At its core it was always about design; I knew that I wanted to become a designer, a creator since I was six years old. After considering the multitude design disciplines that exist and possible career outcomes I realised that I do not want to choose. I love it all — graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, branding, etc. etc., you name it. I want to be deeply involved in all these processes.

An interdisciplinary studio. Its focus will be on producing typefaces, work on branding projects, developing wayfinding systems for various cities... Heck, more than that! Its core values will focus on the people. It will have an accent on giving back to the community. After all, who is design for?

Initially, considering this idea was frightening and absurd. It will be challenging. Maybe my plan will fail and something else will come of it. I’m sure all this sounds naïve and foolhardy. But the feeling of ridiculous excitement and determination is steadily overcoming my fear. After all, I have nothing to lose. I will pass my internship at art.lebedev, find work in London design studios, watch how they operate and learn from them. Take away what I like, and off to work! A plan for the next 10 years. It will be a worthy experience.

I hope to God something will come of it.

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