I fell. I feel. Dizzy, surprised and a euphoric numbness surrounding my hands. Whoa, nice one!

Riding down a hilly main road at approx. 30kph. Adrenalin FTW! A hard turn, obviously didn’t turn enough, as I came crashing down into the sidewalk. A moment of surprise, then comes the comprehension of one’s own stupidity. Check the status of my hard-earned Samsung’s flagship phone - safe and sound!... But take a look at my jeans, my shoes, my recently washed t shirt! Everything’s torn to bits; two big holes on the left shoe, left pocket torn apart, leaves and earth atop the t shirt and in the hair.
When I realise that I’m physically fine to stand up, I start investigating my bike. Hmm, apart from the fact that I have a displaced right break and very bald tires, everything is good. 2 miles to home.

Here’s a photo my brother has kindly decided to take on my arrival. That’s just my right hand. My left one, well, you don’t want to see it.
Bloody hand

I drew my poor, crippled right hand with the opposite one. Ambidextrous =) First time in ages I’ve decided to use my colouring felt tips. They blend well.
Ambidexterous drawing

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